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Monday, August 22, 2005

Search Optimization SEO Blog - SEOElite review

Here is a review of SEO Elite, from the Jungle Marketer:

C´mon - I mean .. "... Swears He Now Gets The Top Position Every Time Within 28 Days! ... With a Single Click Of A Button." Hmm - Yeah - Show Me !!

Dear Colleague,

let´s forget about the sales hype for a moment and talk about if and how this software can benefit You. The single reason I´ve bought seoelite (or better: LinkProctor, the old version) was that it was the solution to a big problem that no other software tool could solve.
Let me ask you a question: How do you check if your reciprocal link partners are still linking back to you and (more important:) what´s the data you get ?

Whether you are using "Arelis" (like me), "Zeus" or any other reciprocal link software, the only answer these tools give you is that your link is still active on your partners´ websites. Is that enough?
Ask yourself this: Am I not linking to bad neighbourhood ?

Sure - you´ve done everything correct, using only ethical seo techniques, chosen quality link partners ... BUT: how can you be sure THEY aren´t using any dangerous seo techniques? Well, it recently happened to a well known internet marketer that his site was penalized by the search engines, appearantly because some of his link partners had been penalized (and PR zeroed).

If you wanted to find out if your linkpartners were still of good quality, you´d have to visit each of them to check their PRs - a tremendous waste of time. Thanks to SEOelite, you can have all that vital information (and much more) at the click of a button. Simply enter your link page URL and SEOelite will spider the websites of all your link partners to search for your link. It then tells you

if the link to your website is still active
the URL of the page where your link was found
the PR of that page !
the title of that page
number of outbound links on that page !
the anchor text of your link
WOW ! Now you can discover immediately when some of your link partners websites have been penalized and protect your website from getting this penalty, too (for linking to bad neighbourhood !) - simply by removing them from your link directory.

More things SEOelite does for You
1.) Analyze backlinks using a specific search engine

That´s a pretty cool feature to spy on your competitors. Simply enter the URL of your competitor, click a button and seoelite checks all backlinks. Nothing spectacular ? Well, the main advantages here (over checking backlinks with Google´s toolbar) is that you get a list of all web pages including important information like: PR, Alexa rating, title of linking page, anchor text used to link to your competitor, total number of links on the page, .. and you can sort the whole list in several different orders, f.ex. from A-Z (find out if your competitor is buying text links), PR / Alexa ranking / total number of links (to find only high quality link partners).

2.) Check how many pages are indexed

Simply enter any URL, select the search engines you want to check and in seconds you´ll know how many pages are indexed in any of the major search engines.

3.) Ranking Check

That´s a great new feature of SEOelite. You can check the ranking of any website you like. Just type in the URL, one or more keyphrases, select the search engines you want to have checked and SEOelite will show you where your website is ranked.

4.) Find high PR link partners

Actually, this feature is way more than just about finding link partners. There are two ways to find high PR link partners with seo elite. You can enter the URLs of your competitors, tell SEO Elite to check their backlinks and get a list of their link partners including PR and other great information. Or you can find link partners by keyword: select a keyword, choose how many you want to find, select the minimum PR value and SEOelite will return a list of related websites, showing you also their backlinks, Alexa ranking and number of outgoing links.

What else could you use this option for ?
How about becoming a text link broker ? Many website owners don´t have a clue how much they could earn by selling sponsor ads on their websites. You could contact them and offer to find advertisers for them and in return they´ll give you a share of the advertising revenue.

Well my friend - SEOelite 2.0 (formerly known as LinkProctor) is a great tool for anybody involved in search engine optimization. I´m using it, it saves me time and I wouldn´t want to be without it. That´s why I recommend You get it for You, too.

My rating: 5/5

Sunday, August 21, 2005

4 Good Reasons Why Attracting Organic Search Engine Traffic Makes Increasing Sales As Easy As Shooting Fish In A Barrel!

4 Good Reasons Why Attracting Organic Search Engine Traffic Makes Increasing Sales As Easy As Shooting Fish In A Barrel!

Organic Search Engine Traffic Is...

100% Free! (You don't have to pay for traffic)

100% targeted! (What could be more targeted than a person who actually SEARCHED for what you're offering?)

100% Auto-pilot! (You don't have to send any emails or place any ads. Your visitors will come round the clock regardless of where you are or what you're doing)

100% Hassle Free! (You don't have deal with SPAM issues like having your website being blacklisted just because of some fruitcake who forgot that he opted in...)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

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